About the Farmhouse

SVEDLANDA is made up of three houses, a small lodge and several old barns and stables which have all recently been rebuilt and renovated into a holiday apartment, a hall, a large kitchen as well as a children’s workshop and adventure barn. The estate was originally built in the 18th century – the barns erected in the traditional fashion, establishing two large, protected courtyards that are open to the east. The houses are two storied and built in the typical Swedish blockhouse style. A few years ago the estate was used as the filming location for one of Astrid Lindgren’s stories (Emil and the Piglet).

SVEDLANDA is available all year round. Beautiful lake Mossjön is only five walking minutes away and can be explored on bike within three hours. There is a private bathing area just for our guests, with a wooden pier for 2-3 families and a small dock for boats. Close to shore the bathing area offers plenty of shallow water, ideal even for smaller children.

Fishing licenses are available: App.: “fiskekort.se”

During winter the frozen lakes and magical forests can be explored on cross-country skis. Enjoying a nice comfortable fire is sure to warm you up again afterward. A sauna is in planning as well.

About the Area

Who doesn’t know “The Children of Bullerbyn Village”?! The iconic Bullerbyn village, one of Astrid Lindgrens most famous children’s stories, is only half an hour by rowboat across lake Mossjön. Explore the beautiful old streets and check out the souvenir shop and the café (open only in summer).

Vimmerby lies just 12 kilometers away. Here you will find everything that you need. Also worthwhile are “Astrid Lindgren’s World” and “Astrid Lindgren’s Näs” (birthplace and museum). Mariannelund is only 6 kilometers away, and Michel von Lönnebergas “Katthult” can be reached in 20 minutes by car. Here you’ll also find the national park “Norra Kvill”, an awe-inspiring ancient Swedish forest with hiking trails, two beautiful forest lakes, a mountain with a beautiful view and delicious blueberries everywhere.

Not far from there you can also find Europe’s oldest oak tree. It’s been around for over a thousand years! Other places worth visiting in the area include “Eksjö”, with its wonderful old town center, one of the oldest in Sweden. Travelling into the opposite direction you’ll hit the ocean within an hour, near the idyllic little seaside town of Västervik and its renowned skerry landscape. Definitely worth a day trip!

More information regarding the sights, hiking, swimming, cross-country skiing and co. can be found here at the estate.

Agreements for Guests

Guest Conditions Minimum rental periods for holiday apartment SELMA, ASTRID community kitchen, hall and house TOMTE are one week, always from 3 pm Saturday to 11 am Saturday a week later.

Minimum rental periods for the rooms LASSE, and OLE and of the small lodge MADITA are two nights. Written booking requires payment of half of the rent four weeks after confirmation of the dates of your stay.

No more than six guests may stay per night in house TOMTE, ASTRID and SELMA. In special circumstances, and only on timely notification, the quarters can be arranged to suit additional people at €70 per person, per week. The apartments contain sufficient covers, sheets and bedding. The kitchens are fully equipped with dishes, cutlery and cooking utensils. Kitchen towels are available and can be replaced should the need arise. Towels and bedding can be rented out. As the estate is fitted with a biological sanitation system, we require that everyone use the cleaning products provided by us. Shampoo, shower gel and other cleaning products are carefully chosen for their environmental friendliness. Please think of the clean drinking water and only use the provided materials!

The guest is responsible for any damages (Kitchen utensils, plumbing, door-, glass- water- and fire-damages). Please notify us when any damages occur.

Guests are required to leave their lodgings broom-clean and free of trash. Fridge, stove and dishes are not including in the cleaning fee and need to be cleaned by the guest. Fishing is only allowed with a fishing license (please see our neighbor, Göran).